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Many children and adults are living with serious and chronic health issues. Navigating doctor’s appointments and hospitalizations can be exhausting and overwhelming, and many times families are forced to make decisions without understanding all the options that may be available.

The HAP Foundation is committed to making a positive impact for those living with a serious illness. This means empowering individuals to make informed choices and connecting them to resources and services that support their goals.


If you are a person living with a serious illness, or are the spouse, parent, family member or caregiver – information and resources are available to help you.

To learn more about the options that are available to support you, and how you can access them.

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Healthcare Professionals

Children and adults living with serious illnesses face very different issues. As a healthcare provider, understanding how to support your patient, their family or loved ones is critical.

The HAP Foundation is partnering with leaders in the serious illness field to develop clinical education and resources. We are not affiliated with one medical system and aim to work with all hospice and palliative providers in helping people with serious illness access end-of-life care services.

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Pediatric Education

Families and Healthcare Professionals

  • Increase understanding of pediatric palliative care
  • Know resources available

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And More

Our organization is committed to increasing palliative and hospice education with leadership and guidance from post-acute care experts.





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