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We are partnering with Coleman Palliative Medicine Training Program for a one day in-person conference.

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The HAP Foundation is hosting it's annual golf tournament on Monday, June 17th at the Riverside Golf Club. This event is co-hosted by Maggie Lapcewich, Board of Trustee. For more information, please click here.

Community Education

This workshop will encourage participants to consider their wishes for their medical care in the future, in emergency situations, and for end-of-life care; and ensure those wishes are legally documented. It can be difficult to think about medical emergencies and illness. Learn how to start the conversation. By planning ahead, you can be empowered to ensure your wishes are heard and followed.


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This session will serve as a follow-up to the previous Five Wishes Workshop held in February. Now that you have learned the benefits of having an advance directive, you may be ready to complete the document.
Drop in for an in-person completion workshop, with communal support. You can complete your document and ask the facilitator any questions that you may have. In a group setting you can complete your document and have another participant act as your witness. Copies of the Five Wishes will be available on-site.


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Please join us for an amazing opportunity to learn about the principles of restorative justice. We are pleased to welcome Frederick Cooper as our featured speaker. Fred is a restorative justice coordinator in Cook County, Illinois, a financial literacy facilitator, and a certified life coach.

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During this two-part series, Community Health Workers and allies will learn what restorative justice is, how it can be implemented within the legal system, and how it can impact the health of our communities. We will also learn about peace circles, what they are, and how they can be used in the community setting. Learn how we can work collectively to repair the harm caused by crime and conflict and build a more just and peaceful world.

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Upcoming Events

HAP Heritage Event – May 30, 2024, at The Glen Club

Annual Golf Tournament – June 17, 2024, at Riverside Golf Club

Butterfly Run, Walk + Flutter – October 6, 2024, at Busse Woods Grove 26

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